24 Flavor System

24 Flavor System

Offer 24 or More Flavors of Soft Serve or Frozen Yogurt

Increase Your Profits per Serving

Expand your menu further by offering Mix-ins

Extremely Dependable and Easy to Use



One of the most sought-after systems in the industry is the 24 Flavor System, allowing businesses to offer customers a diverse selection of soft serve ice cream flavors on a cone-to-cone or cup-to- cup basis.  This system enables you to convert a vanilla base into any of 24 flavors of soft serve or yogurt, allowing you to customize each serving and increase your profits.

The 24 Flavor System includes all necessary components to start, such as flavor extracts, pumps, mixing cups, and indoor/outdoor signs. With over 88 high-quality flavors, including classic, tropical, unique, and vegan options, businesses can cater to a wide range of tastes and preferences.