High Capacity Countertop Slush Freezer

Small Footprint

Portion controlled Slush and Smoothies

Use Iceberg Slush and increase your flavor options with 6 flavors

Perfect machine for country clubs and medium size restaurants


This countertop slush freezer is built for high capacity, serving high-quality slush and smoothies quickly and easily. It offers portion-controlled servings, saving on labor.

Use Iceberg Slush as a neutral base and expand your options with the six syrup bottles provided in the rack. Ideal for country clubs, pools, festival booths, and medium-sized hot dog and hamburger stands with available counter space. Enhance your menu and add profitable, fun items to your business!

For Iceberg Slush and Flavoring syrups see IceCreamFlavors.com

Specification sheet 876c

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