9 Flavor Automatic machine for Boozy Margarita’s

9 Flavor Automatic machine for Boozy Margarita’s

Pressurized 9 flavor Automatic machine within a Compact Footprint.

Offer 9 Flavors of Margarita’s by Pressing a Button.

High Quality Product fully infused with Flavor and Booze.

Choose your Flavors at www.IceCreamFlavors.com

Add on Option to have the machine in a Colorful Full Color Wrap


This pressurized machine, offering nine flavors of frozen margarita’s, provides exceptional menu flexibility within a compact footprint. By ensuring each serving is infused with flavor and booze, this freezer consistently produces the highest quality product.

Selecting flavors is as simple as pressing a button. The machine’s user-friendly features include quick connections for syrup bottles, easy syrup adjustments, and no complex attachments. Ideal for high-volume establishments,  it is also well-suited for co-branding concepts.

Discover 88 delicious flavors at  IceCreamFlavors.com,

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