High volume Single flavor Counter model

Gravity Compact Counter Model

Easy to Operate and Clean

Add on option: Cabinet with 6 cu ft of storage

Add on option:  Top Air Discharge Chute to divert air for air cooled machines


Taste the Difference with the Gravity Compact Counter Model. This high-volume, single-flavor soft serve freezer is designed for ease of operation and simple cleaning.

The CS600 offers menu flexibility, making it ideal for convenience stores, specialty buffets, airport kiosks, burger restaurants, diners, and ice cream stores.

Option to add on a cabinet made of grade stainless steel including heavy duty casters, a sturdy latch and adding 6 cubic feet of storage

A second add on option is “Top Air Discharge Chute”. This chute for air cooled models allows units to be set side by side and air flow to be diverted up.

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