GEN 80 Pressurized Shake Freezer

GEN 80 Pressurized Shake Freezer

Extreme-volume Pressurized Shake Freezer.

High Quality Shakes

Dispense-head-mounted mixer

Electro Freeze GQM system for consistent temperature and consistency

Great for ice cream stores who want speed of service

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This extreme-volume, pressurized shake freezer is equipped with a dispense-head-mounted mixer that blends flavors. You can also add crumb toppings into the shake product as it is dispensed, ensuring a high-quality, hand-made shake consistency. It provides a fast and easy way to serve flavors, regardless of the viscosity of the flavoring syrup or the fruit pulp it contains.

The Electro Freeze VQM system monitors temperature and consistency to deliver superior taste and quality. Ideal for ice cream stores and Quick Service Restaurants (QSRs) seeking both speed of service and the highest quality shakes available.

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At, you can find a large selection of Shake Flavors including a Vegan selection, enabling you to customize your menu options.

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